Projects and programs

Project activity is an effective method of achieving specific goals of activities aimed at solving social and socio-cultural problems of our society. The project activities of the Foundation have become a natural continuation of the patronage’s activities.


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The Art, Science and Sport Foundation carries out activities in the field of sustainable development of small towns in Russia and the professionalization of the regional non-profit sector, implementing the charity program “Development of the Regions”, aimed at development of urban environment, support of socio-cultural initiatives and saturation of cultural life in the regions, mainly in the Kursk, Belgorod and Orenburg regions.

As part of the program, the Foundation, with the support of Metalloinvest company, creates and promotes unique cultural content, develops cultural dialogue and provides equal access to cultural benefits: by conducting educational programs on socio-cultural design and urban environment development; providing grant support to organizations and activists; supporting local talented youth and enhancing the professionalism of art teachers; saturating the cultural agenda of the regions, attracting various creative teams.


Being engaged in the comprehensive development of inclusion and accessible environment, including in the field of culture and art, the Foundation, within the program of support for people with visual impairments “Special Look”, offers people with visual impairments up-to-date service solutions for self-realization, development and integration into society.

Within the program, projects are being implemented in the following areas: habilitation of people with visual disabilities through information and practical exercises; adaptation of the cultural environment for blind people using visual description and tactile models, as well as infrastructure development.


One of the landmark projects for development of inclusion in culture was project “A Special Look at the Golden Ring” initiated by the Foundation. Within the project, tactile models of key cultural monuments of the small Golden Ring will be created. The project is planned to be implemented jointly with the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the TASS news agency in 2021-2023.

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