Special View

The Arts, Science and Sport Foundation, within the Special View program supporting people with visual impairments, offers people with disabilities relevant service solutions for self-realization, development and integration into society and is engaged in the comprehensive development of inclusion and accessible environment for blind people in the field of culture.

The goal of the program is to create infrastructure for acquaintance of blind people with works of art in museums and theaters in Russia and to provide targeted assistance that will make it easier for people with visual disabilities to socialize and fulfill their personal tasks.

The program works in the following areas:

  • Habilitation of visually impaired people through information and practical exercises;
  • Adaptation of the cultural environment for blind people using visual describing and tactile models, as well as infrastructure development.

Habilitation of visually impaired people

Habilitation is a system and process of formation of abilities for everyday, social, professional and other activities in people with disabilities. Habilitation is aimed at eliminating or, as possible, fully compensating for the limitations in life of people with disabilities for the purpose of their social adaptation, including achievement of financial independence and integration into society. The purpose of the projects that are being implemented in the direction is to help people with disabilities realize the value of human life, self-actualize and painlessly integrate into society.

Adaptation of the cultural environment

An important area of activity within the program is creation of an accessible environment for people with visual disabilities in the cultural sphere, namely, development of visual description in Russia and tactile models.

The development of visual description in Russia consists of a number of elements: working with spectators, creating infrastructure within theaters, providing funds for adaptation of performances, and training specialists in visual description. The Special View program provides comprehensive support to theaters in this area.

Making art and cultural monuments more accessible for people with disabilities is one of the important tasks of the Special View program. Tactile models are the best tool for introducing people with visual impairments to art such as architecture, graphics, painting and others.

Grant contests of the Special View program of the Art, Science and Sport Foundation are an opportunity to introduce universal solutions created within the framework of the program in museums, theaters and other cultural institutions on the territory of the Russian Federation.

More details: https://specialviewportal.ru

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