Cultural platform ART-OKNO

Realizing the charitable project “Cultural Platform ART-OKNO”, the “Art, Science and Sport” Foundation solves one of its main tasks –formation of accessibility of culture and art for a wide range of people. Within the program, the Foundation organizes spectator events, saturating the cultural agenda of the regions, conducts educational programs on socio-cultural design and development of urban environment, provides grant support to organizations and opinion leaders, supporting local talented youth and increasing professionalism of specialists in the field of art.

The goal of the “Cultural Platform ART-OKNO” is to promote the socio-cultural development of Russian regions: Kursk, Belgorod and Orenburg.

To achieve the program goals, the following projects are to be implemented:

Art-Okno program of funded projects

Art Okno funding supports the introduction of innovative training programs for professionals in the culture sector, development of the institute of coaching, organization of internships and workshops that involve travelling, provides grants for cultural initiatives in the country’s regions on a competitive basis.
Through the competition for grants as an efficient tool, the Fund offers an opportunity to organizations and interested individuals working in the sector of culture, arts, and education, to implement projects important for their cities. The implementation of such projects strengthens communication between residents of a respective city, drives sustainable positive changes in the cultural environment.
Eligible for this contest are people of creative professions, cultural establishments, and young people interested in the cultural life of their cities. Taking part in the contest is an opportunity to present oneself in their city, develop one’s talents, participate in free training programs within the framework of the contest; winners will be able to implement their projects.
The professional training program will help you boost your current skills and knowledge, acquire new competencies, revisit your ideas, and share experience in work groups that involve people of similar professional interests (museums, libraries, mass events).

Cultural Guide

Arts, Science and Sports fund is implementing the Cultural Guide project to support the development of culture and provide equal access to the cultural heritage to people of the Kursk, Belgorod and Orenburg regions.
Cultural Guide will help residents and visitors of the towns of Stary Oskol, Gubkin, Zheleznogorsk and Novotroitsk, to get to know about shows by the world-class Russian groups, and expositions of the best cultural establishments.
A strong focus of the project is on the festivals, seeking to turn away from commonplace mass events usually held as part of traditional city festivities, to thematic festivals that help shaping the regional identity and earn a positive image of the social and cultural situation in the eyes of the federal center.

Master-class by Maestro

Master-class by Maestro project aims to support young artists, music groups, talented Russian performers, to promote classical and folk music among youth and teenagers, support regional children’s music and arts schools, improve their facilities.
The project includes both several long-term initiatives, and one-time cultural events, including pro bono concerts, meet-the-artist events, concerts by young artists with a chamber or symphony orchestra, master-classes, seminars, round tables on musical categories (piano, violin, horns, vocalism, folk instruments, etc.).

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